Xtreme-hi HP diving hoses voluntary limited recall in USA and Canada
We would like to inform our Worldwide customers that our North America distributor XS Scuba, has started a
precautionary limited product recall of our Xtreme-hi HP hoses that is taking place in USA and Canada.

This action is due to specific requirements in the US and Canada.

We have experienced a very low number of failures, that occurred when the hose was roughly handled, or
subjected to excessive bending. No manufacturing nor material defects were found, and possibly the reasons
of the ruptures were the ones above mentioned.
Miflex has on its website instructions about proper use of the hose, and we suggest to all our customers to
strictly follow its guidelines.
These instructions can be found on our website, clicking on Products, Hoses for Scuba
Diving, Serie SUB Xtreme-hi.

As we have, and continue to receive, extremely positive feedback from many customers, we confirm that we
will continue producing and selling the Xtreme-hi HP hoses in their current configuration with hose
protectors. They are EN250 certified, and are fit for use in scuba diving.
They have been tested by both professional and recreational divers all over the World, and some of them
have done 500+ dives with the same set of hoses.
They will no longer be available in the US and Canada following a specific request from our distributor, who
will market a new version called Carbon HD, with a bigger diameter and higher burst pressure, that from
>2000 bar will go up to >2500 bar.

The new heavy duty HP hose will be available in the next few weeks. It has been designed for divers that want
maximum resistance from a hose, although this will reduce the flexibility.

Miflex apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.
Should you need any further clarification regarding this recall, pls. contact our distributor in your country, or
Miflex customer service at

Thank you for your support.
Miflex 2 s.r.l.

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