Safety hoses for electrical appliances

The safety hoses for electrical appliances that have been on the market for more than 30 years are designed to block the water flow and consequently the appliance, in case of a leakage of the hose.

Miflex followed another philosophy, developing a hose series, where in case of leakage of the inner hose the outer hose lets the water flow, or, manufacturing a multiple layer hose, where the leakage possibility is down to zero. These solutions, in addition to offering a near absolute safety, avoid any stoppage of the appliance and the cost of the replacement of the hose.

Our safety hose range consists of two types of product:

Sx2 safety hose.

The Sx2 safety hose offers a new perception of safety, and even if the inner hose fails it carries on working without the need to be replaced, and without the need of stoppage of the appliance. It is the only hose that carries two VDE certifications, and it is used as an alternative to the mechanical safety hoses on the market, with the difference that, not having a valve, there is no component that can jam.

Sx3 5 or 6 layer safety hose.

The Sx3 safety hose is made of multiple layers extruded one on top of the other, and the fittings are vulcanised on the hose itself with a patented assembly system. The overlapping of the different layers guarantees the absence of through holes, which can cause the leakage, and, thanks to a revolutionary fully automated production process, the fittings become one solid part with the hose, eliminating every chance of leakage from the fittings, which is the weak point of traditional hoses.

This new safety hose is also covered by an European Patent.

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