High quality products and hoses assembled on automatic lines to guarantee safety, resistance and durability

The peculiarity of our company is that we manufacture exclusively on automatic assembly lines that are designed and built internally.

Our engineers have developed competences both in the designing of the software and in the mechanical construction of the lines, which allow us to have the most sofisticated automatic assembly lines on the flexible hose market.

Our production is carried out on 30 completely automatic assembly and testing lines, which allow us to reach a production capacity of more than 20 million hoses per year.

On the new-generation lines we have added to the previously used optical fibre operated dimensional checks and the pressure leak tests, which were standard on all the lines, further dimensional checks and controls on the correct assembly of the fittings that carried out by video cameras.

As far as the components used, they are all pre-assembled internally and, in order to be able to do so, we have 6 component automatic pre-assembly lines, fitted with advanced controls and checks, that allow us to detect moulding or machining defects of the components, and scrap the NC components automatically.