A history based on quality

Quality and control over the entire production of technical hoses made in Italy.

We have been, and we still are, the only company specialized in the production of flexible hoses, to offer, as a standard, an automatic pressure leak test on 100% of its production, directly integrated in the automatic production assembly lines.

Miflex 2 is a family owned company that has always developed its strength out of its enthusiasm and its technical and entrepreneurial skills.

In its ca. 30 years of history, Miflex 2 went from being a manufacturer of inlet hoses for electrical appliances to being market leader in the production of different types of technical hoses, such as, for instance, hoses for scuba diving activities.

Our Quality System is certified according to the Standard ISO 9000 since 1994.

Controllo, qualità e competenza per la creazione di tubi flessibili
Strumentazione avanzata per la creazione di tubi flessibili resistenti alla pressione
Controlli di qualità mirati su ogni singolo tubo flessibile per elettrodomestici e idrotermosanitaria
I controlli di Miflex2 sulla produzione effettuati manualmente o con telecamera ottica

In the years we added to the leak pressure test, sophisticated dimensional controls, and check of the correct assembly, on 100% of the fittings, by using optical fiber, and video cameras.

The continuous investments led us to have 30 completely automatic assembly and control lines, with a production capacity of more than 20 million hoses per year.

Thanks to our automatic lines designed and built internally, we have competitive production costs even against manufacturers from the so called Low Cost Countries, even using only components made in Italy.