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In the past years we have launched many new hoses on the market, some of which covered by International patents, that we list here below:

The MET series nylon braided hose. Its total recycle ability and high performances, made it the ideal choice for those manufacturers who need a top-class product, and are at the same time environmentally conscious.

The Super MET series. It is the next evolution of the MET hose and is assembled with machined brass fittings, which give maximum reliability to this hose.

The Sx2 series. Absolutely safe. The revolutionary assembly system patented by Miflex 2, which allows two hoses with same properties to work together, makes sure that, in the remote event of leakage of the internal hose, the outer one replaces it, reducing to zero the flooding risk. It carries Lifetime Warranty.

The SUB Xtreme series nylon braided hose, with its patented double braiding system, offers a total in depth safety to the scuba divers, has replaced most of the traditional rubber hoses.

The SUB Carbon HD nylon and Kevlar braided Heavy Duty high pressure diving hose, with the reduction of 50% of the weight compared to the traditional rubber hose and the its extreme flexibility even under pressure, offers the perfect scuba hoses kit, when used togheter with our Xtreme hose.

The MFH series. A new generation of customised, both LP and HP hoses used for safety device systems. A new challenge for Miflex 2 who continues to add extremely sofisticated and top quality products, to its manufacturing range.

The MAK series. Double braided anti-kinking hose. This system can be applied to different types of material and can be used in different sectors. It is particularly aimed to small rooms, where a minimum bending radius is required.

The SLE8 ECO series. Thermoplastic inlet hose with vulcanised fittings. The hose and its fittings become a solid piece, thanks to a state of the art production process, that effectively eliminates the possibility of a leakage from the fittings.

The Sx3 series. Using the same technology that we developed with the SLE8 ECO, we introduced a new safety hose with vulcanized fittings on two co-extruded, five layers hoses. It carries Lifetime Warranty.

The SHW series. Another hose developed thanks to our patented technology of vulcanisation of the fittings on the hose. This hose combines a very competitive price to the elimination of the risk of leakage from the fittings.

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