Inlet hoses for household electrical appliances

The inlet hose for household appliances, since the beginning Miflex 2’s “core business”, has had many changes in the last 30 years, and Miflex 2 is the Company that has made most of them.

Through the years, we switched from a reinforced double layer EPDM hose, to a lighter and cheaper hose made of thermoplastic, optimising the costs thanks to our completely automated production process, which gave us higher productivity.

Our MET inlet hose is the ideal solution for the use up to 90°C,  as is made with EPDM inner hose, with a further possibility of having the internal hose, made of materials approved according to the most stringent worldwide standards.

The MAK is the Heavy Duty version of the MET, offering superior burst pressure, and very high resistance to kinking.

Our inlet hose range covers into different families, differentiated as follows:

  • PVC inlet hose, made of reinforced thermoplastic material in the diameters from DN8 to DN13
  • MET and SuperMET inlet hose, made of braided EPDM in the diameters from DN8 to DN13
  • MET inlet hose for drinking water, made of braided Pex in the diameters from DN8 to DN13
  • MAK inlet hose, made of double braded EPDM in the diameters from DN6 to DN25
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