Scuba diving hoses

It’s more than ten years since Miflex 2 launched its Miflex Xtreme diving hoses series.

It was the first real innovation on the scuba hoses field and Miflex patented this solution carrying the experience gained in the manufacturing of industrial hoses, into a field that since a long time did not see new ideas.

The features that made our hoses very appreciated by the market, are the lightness and the flexibility, which offer the scuba diver the possibility to have a connection tank-regulator that allows to move freely with the regulator in their mouth, eliminating the so called jaw fatigue.

These features, together with the production made by automatic lines, performing leak-proof tests on every single hose, helped us to achieve extremely high quality levels, which are very appreciated by both the most important regulator manufacturers, and the ends users.

Another feature that contributed to the success of these hoses is that they are manufactured in a great variety of colours, in a world where black has for a very long time been the only colour.

Our Miflex Xtreme scuba diving hoses are manufactured with high quality materials exclusively made in Italy. The inner hose is made of polyether base polyurethane, and it was tested in every type of water worldwide, without showing any sign of degradation.

After a few years from the launch of the Xtreme series, we launched the new Carbon HD high pressure gauge hose, which offers performances and flexibility, that once more outclassed the ones offered by the traditional hoses.

The last scuba diving hose we added to our range, is the Miflex XT-Tech, created specifically for the technical divers, who prefers to have a smooth outer layer, and a reduced flexibility, compared to the Xtreme.

This product has the same polyether base polyurethane inner layer as the Xtreme.

The full scuba diving hoses range is divided as follows:

  • Miflex Xtreme medium pressure hose for regulators, BCDs and rebreathers

  • Miflex Carbon HD high pressure hose for gauges

  • Miflex XT-Tech for technical and professional divers (available from January 2018)

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