Safety hoses for electrical appliances

The safety hoses that have been on the market for more than 30 years were designed to stop the water flow, thus the appliance, in case of a leakage of the hose.

Miflex concentrated their efforts in preventing the leakages, and developed a series of hoses where, thanks to a patented process, the leakages are more or less impossible.
These solutions, more that offering an absolute safety, also avoid the cost of servicing and replacement of the hose, which is often very expensive.

Our range of safety hoses offers today three types of product all covered by European patent:


The SLE8 ECO safety hose, VDE approved anc certified for cold and hot water,, thanks to a new and very sophisticated production process, guarantees performance never achieved before by a PVC hose, which bring to zero the possibility of leakage from the fittings, becoming therefore a real anti-flood hose.

SX2 Safety Hose with double hose technology.

The Sx2 safety hose offers a new dimension to safety, and even if the inner hose breaks down, i twill always work without having to be replaced, and without the end user to stop using the appliance. It is the only hose which carries two VDE approvals, and it is the perfect alternative to the mechanical safety hoses already on the market. Not having a valve, it does not have any component that can jam.


The Sx3 safety hose is made of two or three hoses extruded one on top of the other, and assembled with a patented assembly system, where the fittings are vulcanised on the two ends of the hose. The overlay of the hoses guarantees the absence of through holes which can cause a leakage, and, thanks to our revolutionary and fully automatic production process, the fittings will become a solid block with the hose itself, eliminating therefore any possibility of leakage from the fittings, which is the weak point of the traditional hoses, where the tightness of the fittings is guaranteed by crimping of a metal ferrule.

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